​VERA FILES FACT SHEET: Explaining martial law

Duterte declares Martial Law in Mindanao; Know your rights

​Justice Carpio tells Duterte to bring to UN Xi’s threat to go to war


Duterte: Maute group committed act of rebellion in Marawi City

President Rodrigo Duterte has called the clashes in Marawi City between the Maute group and…

Duterte allies in Congress support martial law; opposition calls for vigilance

Malacanang allies in Congress supported the President Rodrigo Duterte’s declaration of martial law…

Martial law in Mindanao: A timeline

These are the events leading to the declaration.

Modernization or Phaseout?

Transport groups call it a phaseout, not modernization.


COMMENTARY: Distractedly yours

Duterte forgoes EU aid, sticks to his ‘kill, kill’ policy

ICC will be the next battleground


The Chit Estella Road Safety Page

Modernization or Phaseout?

After the crash: 'My wife's life was worth just P200,000'

COMMENTARY: Distractedly yours

Hold on tight, kiddo


Abu Sayyaf fails to dampen Boholanos’ fiesta spirit

After the crash: 'My wife's life was worth just P200,000'

Mark Bautista sings in pursuit of a dream

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