Is this the kind of assessment of the national situation that Duterte gets?

Former Scout Ranger and now Diehard Duterte Supporter Abe Purugganan

Former Scout Ranger Abe Purugganan, co-founder of the Young Officers Union, a group of rebel military officers in the late 80s, who is now a diehard Duterte supporter posted in his Facebook wall days before Sept. 21 his assessment of the national situation.

Titled “People’s Intelligence Assessment,” it ends with “For the information of the sovereign Filipino people. For widest dissemination. Please share it.”

The assessment of Purugganan, who served as undersecretary for special concerns under Gloria Arroyo's presidency, is intriguing. If this is the kind of reports the President gets, no wonder, he is paranoid.

Take time to read it. It’s helpful in understanding why Duterte thinks the way he thinks.

National Situation

1.The Liberals has escalated agitation/propaganda activities to polarize the nation.

2. A vice president that openly opposes President Duterte in all aspects.

3.Opposition senators and congressmen undermining all programs and policies of President Duterte.

4.The international & mainstream media allied with the opposition are alienating our people. They are trying to erode public support for Pres Duterte thru fake news and biased reporting.

5. The Catholic clergy is organizing and inciting people against Pres Duterte for Sep 21.

6.The Communist legal and underground organizations are preparing for 21 Sep. This includes labor, youth, student, grassroots organizations, and party-list organizations. CPP/NPA/NDF has ordered an increase in their tactical offensives against government forces.

7. Government is infiltrated by the communists. They use our system to undermine government making government operations ineffective against them. They are using government resources to build their legal and underground organizations. Government policies and programs are exploited to build their guerrilla bases.

8. Magdalo is trying to drive a wedge in the AFP and hoping for a breakaway group.

9. Bombings in Mindanao to discredit martial law.

10. Trillianes’ trying to do ala Enrile-Ramos breakaway scenario in EDSA 1 as a trigger for another people power.

11. A threat on the life of President Duterte. There is an assassination plot against President Duterte.

12. Liberals and oligarchs are projecting a bad situation in the economy.

13.Sovereign will is compromised by Comelec and Smartmatic, and liberals are covering-up massive cheating in the 2010 & 2016 national elections.

14. PET ’s snail-paced recount on the election of the vice president.

15.-There is an increase in drug trafficking activities.

16. Corruption in government persists. There is no fear on the part of government officials and employees to steal people's money.

17.- Congress has become a people's burden.

18. Our justice system is too slow. Rule of law exploited by the opposition and the oligarchy.


1.The liberals, communists, Magdalo, oligarchs, the political opposition are determined to overthrow Pres Duterte. They won’t stop until he is out of office and indicted for the things they accused him of.

2. Their main goal is to put Robredo in power.

3.There will be power-sharing between the liberals and communists in the event that they succeed.

People’s recommended courses of action

1.Allow these people to continue until it’s ripe for the government to move against them. Timing is the key.

2. Or cut them off now.

3. Government and the sovereign Filipino people must be ready to counter and neutralize these people. All-Out countermeasures and strategic responses must be done to once and for all stop this kind of political madness and rottenness in the life of our nation.

4, Intelligence units must increase intelligence activities against them. Build-up dossiers for these people including the corrupt.


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