Despite ban, voices of dissent ring loud and clear

Defying the government’s ban on mass gathering on the day of President Duterte’s 5th delivery of his State-of-the-Nation address, hundreds gathered at the University of the Philippines campus to protest the government’s incompetence and growing authoritarianism.

The messages shown in placards cover a range of issues from anti-China, to anti-terror law, to anti-mining, anti-media harassment to criticisms of the government’s focus on control rather than allowing livelihood under a lockdown situation.

Protesters came in different shapes and colors proving that restrictions do not dampen the people’s dissent. They only make people creative.


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VERA FILES FACT CHECK: FB post on world’s biggest anti-SOGIE bill rally FALSE

The photo is not from an anti-SOGIE bill protest.

VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Photo ALTERED to show support for junking of Anti-Terror Bill

The image was from 2018.

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