PWD Files

Our coverage of underreported stories of people with disabilities, from parenting, inclusive education, accessibility and their right to vote. Included are video tutorials and tips on how to get disability right. PWD Files is a part of a project called “Reporting on Persons with Disabilities” that VERA Files is implementing through a grant from The Asia Foundation’s (TAF) Increasing Participation of People with Disabilities in the 2013 Midterm Elections program.

In This Collection

Accessibility, Sensitivity toward PWD commuters

The country’s roads and transport system are far from being PWD-friendly due in part to issues of accessibility, but efforts are being made…

Not a good day for many vulnerable voters

Misinformation, unclear instructions and long waiting hours hounded the Comelec's implementation of EAPPs.

Evacuation centers, relief goods not PWD-inclusive

Some of the PWDs would rather stay with relatives or generous neighbors due to inaccessible shelters

PWDs left behind in Marikina’s disaster preparedness efforts

For a disaster resilience model, Marikina City falls behind the ideal in preparing people with disabilities (PWDs) for disasters.

The benefits of hiring PWDs, as told by companies

Persons with disability make good assets in the workplace, contrary to a deeply-rooted stigma that they are liabilities.

DIY shelters for the ‘Big One’ not PWD-inclusive

Some of the designs aren’t just fit for everyone--ironically for those who are in danger of being left out during a disaster.

PWDs in conflict areas in Mindanao lack access to humanitarian aid

The forlorn look on Haron Arisa’s face, his stooped frame and the bony remnants of his once sturdy legs seem to echo the heavy burden that…

Significant change in last 10 years: Autism awareness

Autism advocates have found a good answer to that Miss Universe question asked of Miss Philippines last week: What is the most significant…

Different is okay, ‘The Wong Kids’ shows Deaf community

Harnessing their superpowers, siblings Violet and Bruce Wong embark on a space journey to save the universe from the planet-eating Space…