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These videos will help you get disability right

Getting it Right: Interacting with PWDs is a package of eight video tutorials that introduce viewers to disability issues and provide tips on how to interact with persons with disabilities.  (Go directly to Vimeo to view and share the album.)

Produced by VERA Files ( primarily for a Filipino audience, the videos feature PWDs and disability advocates in the Philippines sharing their personal experiences.

First-time viewers may want to start with the videos “Introduction: Interacting with PWDs” and “Hindi po ito sakit,” which provide an overview of disability issues and the rights of Filipinos with disabilities.

The other videos are guides to interacting with people with visual disability (“Clock Method”), hearing disability (“Call them deaf”), physical and mobility disability (“Nasaan plaka mo?”), learning disability (“These children are all right”), and psychosocial disability (“Bipolar”), as well as to what constitutes PWD-sensitive language (“Person First”).

The production of the video tutorials was supported by the Australian Embassy-The Asia Foundation Partnership in the Philippines under the Fully Abled Nation (FAN) initiative. They are covered by a Creative Commons license that allows sharing only of verbatim copies with attribution to VERA Files and strictly for noncommercial purposes. Derivative works and remixes based on the videos are prohibited.