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VERA Files Fact Check: After repeatedly calling for Mindanao secession in the past month, former president Rodrigo Duterte now says he would not pursue the plan.
VERA Files Fact Check: Harry Roque rescinds support for President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. amid attempts to push a people's initiative for Charter change.
VERA Files Fact Check: After calling President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. a “drug addict,” former president Rodrigo Duterte now says he could have been referring to the use of medicines, not illegal substances.
VERA Files Fact Check: From saying that the 1987 Constitution is “in perfect condition,” former president Rodrigo Duterte now says he supports efforts to amend it for as long as the changes won’t benefit incumbents and the winners in the next election.
VERA Files Fact Check: The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Philippine National Police have denied Quiboloy’s claims about a $2-million bounty on his head and alleged plans for his rendition or assassination.
VERA Files Fact Check: Vice President Sara Duterte retracted a statement supporting and calling for the commemoration of the EDSA People Power revolution which her office said was mistakenly posted on Duterte’s official Facebook page.
VERA Files Fact Check: As president, Rodrigo Duterte changed his position several times on key issues, such as on his promises to curb corruption and rid the country of illegal drugs.
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