How does VERA Files rate its fact checks?

VERA Files Fact Check has two fact-checking initiatives that follow the same ratings system.

One of these programs is concentrated on fact-checking falsehoods, flip-flops, and misleading statements of public officials and figures. The other is the third-party fact-checking partnership with Facebook, which is centered on online mis- and disinformation.

These ratings are:

  • FAKE, if the claim is completely fabricated;
  • FALSE, if the claim contradicts official records, national and international laws, and/or scientific studies;
  • MISLEADING, if the claim is based on truth but is twisted in a way that it takes on another meaning, usually maliciously done;
  • UNPROVEN/NO BASIS, if there is no existing evidence that can prove or disprove the claim;
  • INACCURATE, if the claim carries inaccuracies in dates, figures, and other numbers that may or may not be maliciously intended;
  • NEEDS CONTEXT, if the claim lacks crucial context, which may mislead some readers; and
  • FLIP-FLOP, if there is a sudden shift of a government official or public figure’s stand on a specific policy or opinion on a certain issue.

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