VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Kuwait DID NOT ask Duterte for a favor amid diplomatic row

Another story published April 30 by claiming that Kuwait has asked President Rodrigo Duterte for a favor amid the diplomatic dispute between the two countries is misleading.

The story, bearing the headline “KUWAIT HINDI KAYANG WALANG OFW! MAY HILING KAY DUTERTE! PANOORIN (Kuwait can’t be without OFWs! Has a favor to ask Duterte! Watch),” does not reflect its content — a 23-minute monologue by a certain California-based Duterte supporter “Maharlika” welcoming Kuwait’s message that day.

Kuwait called the row “largely a misunderstanding” and said it wants to “remain in direct communication” with the Philippines, which accepted the message May 1. There have been no reports, however, nor did Maharlika mention, that Kuwait was asking a favor from Duterte, making the story’s headline misleading.

The story was published a day after Duterte declared a permanent ban on deployment of Filipino workers to the Gulf state, after months of tension stemming from the abuse inflicted on some workers by Kuwaiti employers. Kuwait had ordered the Philippine envoy to leave on April 25 for conducting illicit “rescue” missions of Filipinos reportedly being maltreated by employers.

The story is one of at least three misleading stories shared on social media April 30 regarding the row with Kuwait.

Website was created only three days before it published the misleading report. Along with the video uploaded to Youtube channel Tokhang TV, the story could have reached more than a million people. Its biggest traffic generators on social media: President Duterte Worldwide Supporters, President Duterte Astig Supporters and President Duterte Loyal Supporters.

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