VERA Files president is one of RoW’s Global Tech’s Changemakers

VERA Files president Ellen Tordesillas is included in the inaugural list of 100 Global Tech’s Changemakers by international nonprofit journalism organization Rest of World (RoW).

The names on the list, RoW said, were selected from among “the most influential, innovative, and trailblazing personalities in fintech, e-commerce, policy, digital infrastructure, and a range of other sectors that intersect with and influence technology.”

RoW documents what happens when technology, culture and the human experience collide, in places that are typically overlooked and underestimated.

Tordesillas is grouped under #digitalactivists sector. Other groups are #founders, #gamers, #gigeconomy, #superapps and #unicorns. Explaining the reason for including Tordesillas in the list, RoW said: “She and her team of Filipino journalists impart the importance of separating facts from misinformation and disinformation online, which has become especially significant as political misinformation becomes part and parcel of online life in the Philippines.”

The work of the #digitalactivists were recognized for “speaking up for the unheard in markets where policymakers and governments have few resources to grapple with both the positive and unintended consequences of living in a digital world.”

Tordesillas thanked RoW for recognizing VERA Files’ work in fighting disinformation.

“That this came from an organization that goes behind and beyond mainstream makes it more meaningful,” she said.

Tordesillas said she is sharing the honor with the whole VERA Files team “whose quiet courage, enthusiasm and dedication make me believe that however difficult the fight against disinformation is, we will win.”

Founded 14 years ago, the non-profit media organization provides a deeper look on the current landscape of Philippine political issues. It is one of Facebook’s three third-party fact checkers in the Philippines.

RoW’s 100 honorees were chosen by an international network of reporters and editors based on the impact of each candidate on their communities as well as the broader technology ecosystem. The RoW100 list features executives with global reach, technological innovators, upcoming entrepreneurs leading unicorn companies and activist-pioneers for a more open and equitable future.

The list was created to connect local innovation to the wider technological trends and their implications. It has published more than 750 stories in over 90 countries for two years, partnering with local reporters in these areas.

“The most exciting innovation right now is happening outside the western world. It’s hard to be an entrepreneur anywhere. But add in the logistical, financial and political challenges that come with building something disruptive in emerging economies – those forces forge diamonds. As a result of the extraordinary headwinds they face, we believe the leaders our team selected for the RoW100 list are faster, more innovative, more thoughtful, and better at sharing new ideas because they have to be,” said Anup Kaphle, RoW executive editor.

Check out Rest of World’s 2022 RoW100 here: