Filipino Seafarers Find Their Future – and Lives - Adrift

VERA FILES FACT SHEET: What does the law say about fair comments? 4 things you need to know

​ Rape and domestic violence as the silent pandemic

The Anti-Terrorism Act 2020: Foreign Borrowings and Local Hacks

COVID-19 Watch


VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Cimatu falsely claims PH was an American Commonwealth during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic

Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu inaccurately claimed that the Philippines was a commonwealth of the…

​ Vico Sotto: A year of good governance

Exactly a year after he took over as the new mayor of Pasig City, Vico Sotto made a comprehensive…

VERA FILES FACT SHEET: What is tuob or steam inhalation therapy?

Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia earned the ire of netizens and health experts for publicly shaming…

​ HR groups question credibility of PH review panel for ‘war on drug’ killings

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has criticized the Philippine government for trying to dissuade…


The Chit Estella Road Safety Page

Stay at home for safer roads, urge advocates

Share the road, bikers ask motorists

New normal, same old mean streets

Driver discipline urged even with fewer vehicles on the road

PWD Files

Accessibility, Sensitivity toward PWD commuters

Not a good day for many vulnerable voters

Evacuation centers, relief goods not PWD-inclusive

PWDs left behind in Marikina’s disaster preparedness efforts

Earth Files

Wildlife and COVID-19: What the public can do

Wildlife to COVID-19: The Real Culprits

Upside of Covid-19 pandemic- clear skies

Bats, Snakes, and Pangolins: The COVID-19 Suspects


​ Vico Sotto: A year of good governance

​ Rape and domestic violence as the silent pandemic

Comics provide laughter, comfort and sanity during COVID-19

Conductor Darrel Ang: ‘Live streaming’ is the future’

The evolution of Richard Gomez

No more live concerts, ballet and theater seasons for CCP in 2020

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