Seeing through the Smoke

This microsite will carry stories, reports and commentaries that VERA Files hopes will contribute to the discourse on so-called novel products. These are electronic nicotine delivery systems, electronic non-nicotine delivery systems and heated tobacco products that are being peddled to the youth as less harmful alternatives to traditional cigarettes.

Health experts say electronic cigarettes and vapes are not a proven nicotine replacement therapy and they can cause nicotine addiction and poisoning. The tobacco industry, meanwhile, continues to offer its own evidence that novel smoke-free products are safer than regular cigarettes.

By presenting expert opinions and facts alongside falsehoods, VERA Files aims to let readers see through the smoke.

(This Project is supported by a grant from The Union and Bloomberg Philanthropies).

VERA FILES FACT SHEET: No anya ti kaipapanan ti panangibaba ti edad dagiti mabalin nga agusar ti e-cigarette kadagiti ub-ubbing

Ti panangibaba iti edad dagiti tattao nga mabalin nga gumatang, aglako, wenno agusar iti vapes ken electronic cigarettes iti edad 18, ket mangited…

VERA FILES FACT SHEET: What lowering age restrictions on e-cigarette smoking means for the youth

Lowering the minimum age of persons who can buy, sell, or use vapes and electronic cigarettes to 18 years old means giving younger people access to…

Vape use could lead to alcohol and illegal drug use ー health experts

Electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) smoking or vaping could open the way for the youth and non-smokers to use alcohol and illegal drugs, warned health…

VERA FILES FACT SHEET: Smoke-free alternatives to cigarettes explained

Barely 15 months after President Rodrigo Duterte banned “the use, sale or purchase of e-cigarettes and tobacco products” to persons below 21 years…

An eight-year relationship with nicotine

I distinctly remember my first time smoking a cigarette.

Vaping an emerging epidemic, says leading pulmonologist

The consumption of electronic cigarettes or vapes is an emerging epidemic, especially among the youth, according to a leading pulmonologist who says…

Doctors urge smokers: Commit to quit, not to shift to e-cigarettes

Medical doctors on Monday renewed their call for a stop to the use of electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products, which they say are not…

Tobacco companies offer new tactics, same risks: health advocates

The tobacco industry is employing new ways to attract a new breed of smokers but its products are still harmful to health, say advocates.

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