A year under Duterte: Explaining the president

The President speaks, his Cabinet officials interpret. That's communication, Duterte-style. (See VERA FILES YEARENDER: Explaining the president: He says, they say)

In his first year in office, President Rodrigo Duterte has not shied away from making controversial statements. Filipinos have been told, however, to use their “creative imagination” when listening to the president. (See A year under Duterte: Curses and insults)

Here is an updated list of various government officials decoding the president's pronouncements.


VERA FILES YEARENDER: Explaining the president, the 2017 edition

Watch this video to see how else both made sense of the president’s controversial pronouncements.

A year under Duterte: Curses and insults

Many were hopeful when he promised there’d be “no more p*t*ng *n*s” when he assumed office.


THE year 2016 gave the Philippines a new president, who brought with him to office his very own…

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