Does VERA Files accept fact check requests?

As with other reports, VERA Files welcomes leads from the public to potential fact check stories.

If you encounter information that you want us to verify, contact us at:

Or fill out this quick Google form here.

Each request is carefully evaluated by an assigned member of the VERA Files fact-check team using a three-point criteria. (See Anu-ano ang mga bagay na puwedeng i-fact-check?)

If the claim can be fact-checked, it will be assigned to a reporter for research. (See “VERA Files: Fact Check Process”)

Once the fact check is done, VERA Files sends the link of the published report to the reader who initially requested for the claim to be checked.

For requested claims that have already been debunked, VERA Files sends the reader the link to the corresponding fact check article.

For pieces of content that turn out to be true based on a quick cursory search, or are deemed not eligible for fact-checking, VERA Files provides a quick explanation to the reader with a citation of its sources, as necessary.

However, please take note that due to the volume of requests we receive, our team may not be able to respond to each message. The members of our team give their best efforts to promptly reply to requests that are verifiable.


What you want to know about ‘VERA FILES FACT CHECK’

VERA Files Fact Check tracks false claims and misleading statements of public officials and figures…

VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Actor Chuck Norris did NOT die of COVID-19

This post is fake. Don't believe it.

VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Presidential vehicle NOT attacked by gunmen

This post is fake. Don't believe it.

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