Over 27 million students are expected to enrol in thecountry in 2019, and many “will take public transport or walk to school andwill be exposed to the various extraordinary hazards on the roads,” said SKWPpresident Dr. Jocelyn Yambao-Franco. “Unsafe walking environments aroundschools add to their vulnerability, and should be addressed.”

Student road safety advocates from Paranaque #SpeakUp their#Demands on road safety.

A student demands that politicians prioritize road safety.

Health UndersecretaryRolando Enrique Domingo acknowledges road safety as a public health priority.

Transportation Assistant Secretary Manuel Gonzales said the LandTransportation Office requires and conducts road safety training before driverscould get their licenses.

Upper left to lower right: schools from Parañaque, QuezonCity, Angeles City, and Pasay City receive their certificates for participatingin the road safety program.

The Metro Manila Development Authority has partnered withSesame Street, a US educational children’s TV program, in setting up achildren’s road safety park to raise awareness among kids of the importance ofroad safety, according to MMDA Deputy Chairman Undersecretary Frisco San Juan,Jr. The park is located in Malate, across the Manila Zoo.

“In the Philippines, about two children everyday becomevictims of road-related victims. As the world’s largest transportation company,we believe that it is crucial to take an active part in delivering safetysolutions around the world,” said FedEx Philippines Managing Director JohnPeterson.

The winners of the road safety program:(lower left to right)2nd runner up,The Rivera Village Elementary School; 1st runner up,Jose P. Dizon Elementary School; 1st place, San Dionisio ElementarySchool.

Safe Kids Worldwide Philippines members with FedExPhilippines Managing Director John Peterson.

Safe journey, safe kids: Raising awareness of kids’ hazards on the road

In the Philippines, June marks the start of a new school year.

Every 3rd week of the month, the country observes National Safe Kids Week (Proclamation No. 1307) to increase awareness of the hazards children face while traveling to and from school. This year’s theme is “Safe Journey, Safe Kids.”

Safe Kids Worldwide Philippines (SKWP), a child-centered road safety advocacy group, and other stakeholders have developed the Young Road Safety Advocate Program to encourage schools to implement road safety practices.

The winners of this year’s competition were announced last June 20.

This story has been produced with the help of a grant from The Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP), a hosted project of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).


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