Usec Paras’ side on Villarin’s cellphone-theft accusation

Last Friday, I wrote about the complaint filed by Rep. Tom Villarin (Akbayan partylist) at the Quezon City Prosecutor’s office against Labor Undersecretary Jacinto “Jing” Parasfor allegedly stealing his cellphone during a hearing at the House of Representatives last March.

I said what Paras did was Kadiri which means disgusting, despicable, contemptible, detestable, abominable.

Paras wrote to explain his side. I’m publishing the full letter:

Labor Undersecretary Jacinto "Jing" Paras. Photo from his Facebook account.

Hi Ellen,

We’ve known each other way way back, and since then, I have always cherished your gallantry in writing against any government shenanigans. I have very high respect to your person as a writer.

Be that as it may, may I just correct on the facts of the article you wrote:

I finished my testimony there. I lifted my phone again and I must have left the phone of Villarin there, which was found by the security and turned over to his staff. I have not stolen his phone because I have no intent to gain from taking it if accidentally lifted it together with my phone”

The truth is, what I’ve stated to the media is When I lifted my phone at the table, I must have lifted the phone of Villarin together with my phone. From the time I left the table at the Committee on OFWs up to the time I reached the next meeting room where I testified, I never had the chance to look into the phones I was carrying in my hand as I was hurrying up to reach the hearing of the other Committee( Mindanao Affairs) to answer the questions of its members. As soon as I sat down I placed the phones I was carrying and begun to testify. There was ever no moment that I was able to glance at the phones I was carrying from the time I left the hearing room where Villarin was, up to the time where I place (sic) the phones on the table when I sat down to testify in the other room of the Mindanao Affairs Committee.

The entire CCTV of the House will bare (sic) this out. What Villarin presented to the media was just a partial and self-serving portion of the entire CCTV. At the proper time and venue I will show the entire CCTV that from the time I left the first room up to the time I sat down in the other room there was no chance or moment that I looked into the phones I was carrying in my hand and thus, I could not have known that I was carrying also the phone of Villarin.

So with due respect, as to your statement that “ Paras said, how could he open Villarin’s phone when he did not know the password.

Did he realize that when he attempted to look into the messages? “

Ellen, I never said anything or mention about a password in Villarin’s cellphone because I never had a chance to find out if I was indeed carrying his cellphone as I already stated above, thus, it is not possible for me to know if his phone has password or none.

The truth is, a witness, the staff of Congressman Pichay was the one who found the cellphone on the table and she tried to find out who the owner was. It was at the time she found out that Villarin’s phone has a passcode. And that momentarily, while she was holding on to the cellphone in the presence of security guards, the phone rang and she answered it, it was Villarin’s staff calling, she and the security then gave the cellphone to Villarin’s staff.

With due respect, it was wrong to say that I attempted to look into the messages of his cellphone because that fact never ever happened as the entire CCTV will bare (sic) me out.

That’s why Villarin’s calling me a member of the “salisi gang” is totally unfair and out of place. And for that, he wants me barred from entering the House.

Such thinking of Villarin is out of place, such that only a mind of an “ipis” can imagine.

Lastly, instead of accusing me of many things, why does’nt he wait for the outcome of the case he filed and give me a chance to rebut his allegations. I have every right to due process of law.

If the court decides in his favor, than he can shout to the whole word.

Thank u Ellen.

Usec Jacinto Jing Paras



Kadiri means disgusting, despicable, contemptible, detestable, abominable. That describes what…

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