VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Another FAKE sky imagery of Jesus Christ circulates online


A viral reel on Facebook (FB) is purportedly showing another apparition of Jesus Christ emerging in the sky. Again, this is fake.

On June 8, an FB user published the reel with the following superimposed text: “Ang pagpakita ni Jesus ay isang babala na malapit na maisakatuparan ang paghukom sa mundo. (Jesus [Christ’s] appearance is a warning that judgment day is near).”

The 14-second video shows a person pointing at the sky, the camera then zooming in towards the clouds that seemingly show an image of Jesus Christ.

This video is fabricated. It was made by a TikTok user behind a similar video that VERA Files Fact Check debunked a few months back.

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On May 4, TikTok user myuz_ahmed1 first published the video which originally carried an audio of people screaming. Most of the videos on this channel feature people pointing at the sky while  images of giants, or buildings and other mythical beings appear.

The image of Jesus Christ shown in the fabricated reel is a cropped and flipped 2016 photo from the official website of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints which shows Jesus Christ with outstretched arms standing above the clouds.

The short video uploaded by an FB netizen has garnered over 224,000 reactions, 25,200 comments, 8,900 shares and 1.1 million views.


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