VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Can you get free meals by swapping coins for bills at McDo, Chowking or Jollibee?

A 16-month-old social media post encouraging netizens to exchange coins for banknotes and free food in local fast food chains is circulating again on Facebook (FB). It claims that Jollibee, Chowking and McDonald’s stores provide free meals to those who swap coins for bills. The companies’ managements say this is not part of their policy.

FB page BuzzPinas on April 7, 2018, posted a photo of a Jollibee crewmember with coins in small, clear plastic bags and a supposed free meal earned in exchange for the coins.

In its caption, BuzzPinas supposedly quoted a netizen named “Yoko Oshimia,” member of a public FB group called Peso Sense Savers. A 600,000-strong group, Peso Sense Savers describes itself as for those who “have started the habit of saving and investing.”

The caption read:

“Sa mga nagiipon jan na marami coins pwd nyo yan papalitan ng buo pera na may free food like mcdo and jollibee mnsn chowking peru ang mas marmi mag bigay ang mcdo dpnde dn kasi sa manager wag na s bank kasi wala free food ☺

© Yoko Oshima via Peso Sense Savers (group)


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