VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Correct information: best protection vs COVID-19

Being informed is the best protection against the fast spreading COVID-19 that has already taken the lives of 2,924 individuals and afflicted more than 85,000 all over the world.

Health authorities say there is no cure yet for COVID-19 but one can minimize the risk by practicing basic hygiene like washing of hands.

Does wearing a face mask prevent COVID -19? VERA Files did a fact check on face mask and COVID-19.

Do your share of combatting COVID-19 by not sharing unverified information.

VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Correct information: best protection vs COVID-19 from VERA Files on Vimeo.

(Guided by the code of principles of the International Fact-Checking Network at Poynter, VERA Files tracks the false claims, flip-flops, misleading statements of public officials and figures, and debunks them with factual evidence. Find out more about this initiative and our methodology.)


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