VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Israel NOT deploying laser cannons to Ukraine


A Facebook (FB) video insinuated that Israel is talking to Ukraine to facilitate the delivery of laser weapons against drones and missiles. This claim has no basis.

FB page Pinoyy Mysteryy Channel (created on March 30, 2022), posted the video on April 16, and commented: “Mga Laser Weapon Bansang Israel, Pinag Uusapan Ngayon Upang Maipapadala sa Ukraine” (Laser weapons [of] Israel being discussed for delivery to Ukraine).

The voice-over further claimed that such assistance to Ukraine by Israel has to be kept under wraps otherwise it is tantamount to Israel declaring war against Russia.

No official report or statement from Israel’s or Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense confirms any talks to sell laser cannons to Ukraine. 

On April 20, Benny Gantz, Israel’s Defense Minister, said that Israel would provide Ukraine with protective helmets and vests for Ukrainian rescue and emergency operations, multiple sources reported. There was no mention of any weapon support.

The erroneous claim appeared a day after Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced on April 15 that they have successfully tested the new “Iron Beam” laser interception system. 

Using a series of high-powered lasers, the Iron Beam can take down rockets, shrapnel and unmanned air vehicles. It is designed to complement Israel’s missile based interception system Iron Dome, which is expensive to launch and prone to run out of missiles, multiple articles reported.

In March, it was reported that Israel has refused to supply Ukraine with the Iron Dome for fears this could damage its relationship with Russia. 

Pinoyy Mysteryy Channel’s incorrect video got a total of 85,000 reactions, 3,600 comments, and 9,200 shares. Some netizens who believed it said it was good for Israel to provide assistance in Ukraine’s conflict with Russia.

The FB page’s video was a reposted version of an April 16 video by YouTube channel Lods TV (created in July 22, 2012), which got 1.1 million views.

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