VERA FILES FACT CHECK: More FB pages FALSELY show gameplay videos as legit ‘Israel-Hamas’ footage

Videos show footage of fighting between Hamas militants and the Israeli military in October 2023

Facebook page DOT1 10/10/2023 False

Videos show footage from Arma 3

While the Israeli military and Hamas militants continue to exchange fire this week, several Facebook pages misrepresented fictitious video game content as real combat footage taken during the conflict.

Check out our VERA Files Fact Check below:


YouTube channel Compared Comparison, M1 Abrams Tank Firing – Su-25 going down – C-RAM – SAM Defense System – Military Simulation – ArmA 3, Jan. 28, 2023

YouTube channel USMC, JUST NOW! Ukraine’s First Ballistic Missile Blow Up Russian Headquarter of the 5th Army near Moscow, Sept. 12, 2023

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