There's my name. Photo by Luis Liwanag.

Three voters. Photo by Luis Liwanag.

Putting the indelible ink. One can only vote once. Photo by Luis Liwanag.

Proof of having performed his duty as citizen of this country. Photo by Luis Liwanag.

Emergency Accessible Polling Precinct at the Corazon Aquino Elementary School in Quezon city. Photo by Vincent Go.

There's always someone willing to help a relative exercise his right to vote, even if he has difficulty walking. Photo by Luis Liwanag.

Relatives help a PWD kin who wants to vote in San Juan National Highschool in San Juan City. Photo by Vincent Go.

Buko vendor makes his choice loud and clear. Photo by Luis Liwanag.

People arrested for violation of the Liquor Ban in Quezon City were brought to Camp Karingal in Quezon City. Photo by Vincent Go.

Security checkpoints were set up along major roads leading to polling precincts. Philippine Marines were also called in to augment COMELEC security checkpoints. Photo by Vincent Go.

Posters, banners, and streamers can be seen along roads leading to polling centers in Quezon City.Photo by Vincent Go.

Teaching them suffrage young. Photo by Luis Liwanag.

Early bird before the crowd came. Photo by Luis Liwanag.

Finding order amid the chaos. Photo by Luis Liwanag.

Voters' list. Photo by Luis Liwanag.

Election Day in Metro Manila

Filipinos, once again, declared their faith in the elections as more than 70 percent of the almost 62 million registeredvoters trooped to the polls Monday to choose the leaders they want to lead the country.

Results of the city of Manila's electoral race provided more excitement with former actor Isko Moreno (real name Francisco M. Domagoso) beating former President Joseph Estrada and former senator and Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim for mayorship of Manila.

The defeat of Estrada in the hands of his former vice mayor was just one of the bigger debacle for the political dynasty that the former actor who rose to become San Juan mayor, senator, president and Manila mayor, tried to build in two towns in Metro Manila.

There was also an upset in Pasig City with Vico Sotto, son of showbiz personalities Vic Sotto and Coney Reyes, defeating re-electionist Bobby Eusebio, whose family has been in control of the city for almost three decades.

Photojournalists Luis Liwanag and Vincent Go went around Metro Manila and captured the public’s participation and dedication to the democratic exercise.


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