FACT CHECK: Padilla NOT filing bill legalizing female adultery

Sen. Robinhood Padilla filed a bill seeking to legalize adultery for women.

Facebook group Today Saudi Riyal Rate 2024-05-16 False

Among the 82 bills filed by the senator as of this writing, none sought to allow women to commit adultery.

A post on Facebook (FB) claiming that a bill was recently filed by Sen. Robinhood Padilla seeking to legalize adultery for women has gone viral. This is not true.

Published on May 16 by an FB group, the post continues to circulate this week with a quote card of Padilla allegedly saying:

Isasabatas ko na po na Ang (sic) bawat babae pwedeng manlalaki (I will make a law allowing women to commit adultery)”

The quote is made-up. Padilla never filed such a bill allowing women to cheat on their husbands nor did he utter such a statement.

VERA FILES FACT CHECK: THE FACTS. Sen. Robin Padilla did not file any bill seeking to allow women to commit adultery. The circulating quote card saying the senator plans to make such a law is not true.

Since his election as senator, Padilla has filed 82 bills, none of which seeks to legalize adultery exemption for women. The actor-senator’s latest bills called for amending the Rice Tariffication Law, providing better Shari’ah courts for Filipino Muslims and prohibiting the promotion of gambling content.

There are also no posts on the senator’s official social media pages, in FB and Instagram, pushing for such a law.

Still, the comment section was filled with FB users who believed the made-up quote of Padilla and criticized the lawmaker for his campaign to push for an “idiotic” bill.

This viral post emerged the same day Padilla called for a Senate inquiry into the Balikatan Exercises between the Philippines and the United States to inform the public of its importance.

The spurious post was published on FB group Today Saudi Riyal Rate (created on April 21, 2021), garnering over 14,000 reactions, 3,100 comments and 3,100 shares.

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