FACT CHECK: Viral video of Dubai’s ‘flying police cars’ EDITED

Video shows Dubai’s flying police cars.

Facebook user Fe Ey 2024-04-27 Fake

This is a video advertisement for a Peru-based insurance company that used computer-generated imagery.

A video supposedly showing flying police cars and ambulances in Dubai has gone viral on Facebook. It is not real. This video was digitally manipulated by its original publisher in Peru but is now being shared without any mention that it is an edited clip.

It was published in early March to promote a Peru-based insurance company. But the reel showing police cars and emergency response vehicles carried by drones passing above a highway was shared on April 27 by a Filipino netizen with this caption:

“Dubai police.”

The nine-second clip carried this text::

Seryoso to? (Is this serious?) hahaha Dubai right now😳 #fbreels #dubai.”

This original video used computer-generated imagery (CGI) as a viral marketing strategy campaign for the Peru-based insurance company Pacífico Seguros.

VERA FILES FACT CHECK: THE FACTS. The viral video supposedly showing flying police cars in Dubai was edited. It was an advertisement for a Peru-based insurance company that used computer-generated imagery.

On March 5, Pacífico Seguros’s official FB page uploaded the original clip that garnered 49 million views. Its caption read:

Liberamos nuestros drones por la Panamericana Sur para monitorear cada km y atender de inmediato cualquier emergencia. Este verano, recuerda que #NoEstásSolo (We released our drones along the Panamericana Sur to monitor every kilometer and immediately respond to any emergency. This summer, remember that #YouAreNotAlone).”

In the comment section, the FB page confirmed that the campaign used CGI.

Es una campaña creada con CGI para contarte que este verano #NoEstásSolo. ¡Recuerda que estamos listos para ayudarte de inmediato ante cualquier emergencia (It is a campaign created with CGI to tell you that this summer #YouAreNotSolo. Remember that we are ready to help you immediately in any emergency)!”

Several netizens believed the video to be true, while others pointed out that it was edited and not taken in Dubai.

Another fact-checking organization debunked the same video when it spread in India.

The erroneous video circulated more than a month after it was reported that a Dubai-based company ordered over 100 flying cars for its residents’ use once they are launched in 2025-2026.

There were earlier reports of the Dubai police test-driving flying motorcycles.

On April 16, the United Arab Emirates recorded its heaviest rainfall in 75 years, causing intense floods in Dubai and other cities.

The FB reel has garnered 9,500 reactions, 594 comments, 2,100 shares and 1,700,000 views.

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