VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Clips of different flood events NOT in South Korea


A video on Facebook (FB) claiming to show amateur footage of the severe flooding incident in South Korea last week used clips taken at different years and locations.

On July 17, a Filipino FB user published the video with this caption: “Delubyong baha sa Korea (Catastrophic flood in Korea)! Watch this”.

The footage was a compilation of six different clips showing flood-ravaged neighborhoods allegedly in South Korea. 

At least three clips shown in the video feature a different flooding event that did not happen in South Korea.

A reverse image search shows that these short clips were taken in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Japan after a typhoon or a severe thunderstorm wreaked havoc on these countries.

The erroneous video published by the FB user emerged as the death toll in South Korea reached 40 following days of torrential rains that caused severe flooding.

The video has since garnered over 480 comments, 1,700 shares and 408,000 views.


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