VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Facebook pages resurface FAKE report on allowing long rides

Several Facebook (FB) pages continue to share a doctored GMA News report on bikers being allowed to go on long rides. 

On Oct. 21, a vlogger posted a now-viral photo of newscaster Pia Arcangel delivering a 24 Oras Weekend news report featuring an image of a motorbike rider and a contradicting headline. 

The headline read: “Mga bikers, pwede nang mag longride basta huwag sila lalayo (Bikers, can now have long rides as long as they don’t go far).” 

Arcangel did not report this. The circulating image is an altered screenshot of a 24 Oras Weekend report aired in April 2021 about curfews in the National Capital Region imposed amid the current pandemic.

A version of the manipulated screenshot circulated in 2021, which GMA Network broadcaster Arnold Clavio called “fake” on his Instagram account.

In the comment section, the vlogger who published the fake graphic clarified that the post was just for fun and GMA News had nothing to do with it. Various FB pages reposted the altered image without any disclaimer generating a high number of engagements.

Several netizens fell for the photo, with some leaving sarcastic comments, criticizing Arcangel and GMA News, and asking what the confusing headline was supposed to mean. 

The fake image resurfaced three days after President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos declared Oct. 31 as a special non-working holiday, leading several netizens and bike enthusiasts to plan their “long rides” during the long weekend. 

The FB post by vlogger Nars Lagalag (page created on Sept. 7, 2018) garnered 187,000 reactions, 2,900 comments and 24,000 shares. Other FB pages reposted the fake image, including Phing TV (Jan. 8, 2022), Thinking Minds (Nov. 30, 2012) and Play Unlimited (Aug. 9, 2018), collectively garnering 89,000 reactions, 2,197 comments and 16, 213 shares. 

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