VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Report about Angelina Jolie saying US needs leader 'like Duterte' FAKE NEWS

No, Angelina Jolie did not say the United States of America needs a leader like President Rodrigo Duterte.

Website revived Oct. 1 an old spoof about the American actress supposedly advocating for a leader like Duterte to "eradicate drugs" in the US, and presented it as a factual report.

Bearing the headline, "Hollywood Aktres na si Angelina Jolie may Mensahe 'WE REALLY NEED A DUTERTE IN AMERICA TO ERADICATE SUBSTANCE ABUSE COMPLETELY (Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has a message 'We really need a Duterte in America to eradicate substance abuse completely)’, the website merely copy-pasted the Sept. 21, 2016 story of satirical website

The report led with Jolie's filing for divorce from actor Brad Pitt, who reportedly had a substance abuse problem, which and used to segue into this fabricated statement supposedly from Jolie:

"I really think that abusing of any form of drugs should be completely eradicated. Especially here in America where anyone can buy the drug of their choice almost anywhere. I hope we find a Rodrigo Duterte to solve these growing problem that affects numerous american household."

American entertainment news website TMZ, which the two websites used as their source, made no mention of the Philippine president in its Sept. 20, 2016 report on Jolie's divorce.'s fake report was published four days after Duterte admitted that the only "sin" he is guilty of is "extra-judicial killings." The government's war on drugs has been marked by killings of small-time drug peddlers and users during police operations.

The fake report have reached over 258,000 people, and was shared by the pages Hi Duterte and PinoyArtikulo.

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This is fake. Don't believe it.

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