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VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Simon Cowell subject of a death HOAX once again

Several websites carried digitally-altered photos claiming to show Simon Cowell in a hospital bed or in his funeral. This is a hoax.

Aug 5, 2023

VERA Files


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Multiple Facebook (FB) posts used a clickbait to direct netizens to websites which carried digitally-altered photos claiming to show English TV personality Simon Cowell in a hospital bed or in his funeral. This is a hoax.

The clickbait post read: “We announce about ‘America’s Got Talent’ Simon Cowell, he has been confirmed as…See more.” 

Netizens who clicked the “See more” text were redirected to multiple websites (, and eight others), showing altered photos to falsely imply Cowell’s death or hospitalization. 

This is the latest death hoax on Cowell, who has been the subject of fake death reports for months. He remains active on his official FB, Instagram, and Twitter pages and continues to be

a judge on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent. According to the Daily Mail, he is cutting back on other TV commitments “to be a stay-at-home dad.”

This death hoax post digitally added Cowell’s face to the following photos: 

Another collage claiming to show Cowell’s funeral is actually a composite of three different funeral photos: 

Posted from July 24 to 30, the ten erroneous FB posts garnered a total of over 36,906 interactions. Several Filipinos immediately called out the death hoax, while others who thought his passing was true said “rest in peace.”


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