VERA FILES FACT CHECK: FB post MISLEADS netizens on Kris Aquino’s health condition

Kris Aquino has given up on her illness.

Facebook page 06/29/2022 Misleading

A Facebook (FB) video is duping people into thinking that celebrity Kris Aquino has passed away.

Posted on June 29, the video was titled: “LATEST TODAY KRIS AQUINO SUMUKO NA SA KANIYANG SAKIT (Latest today: Kris Aquino gives up on her illness).”

This is not true. A day later, in a June 30 Instagram post, Aquino posted a video of herself undergoing medical tests. Then announced she would discontinue posting updates about her medical condition for the time being. While thanking supporters for their prayers, Aquino wrote in her caption: “This isn’t a permanent goodbye, ibalato nyo na lang hanggang malagpasan namin itong matinding pagsubok (please give it to us as a gift until we overcome this extreme trial).

FB users criticized the video’s uploader — FB page Rafy Tulfo In Action Supporter (newly created last June 22) for spreading “fake news” and for using an “OA (over-exaggerated) headline to get views.” Others prayed for Aquino’s recovery, while some offered condolences after falsely thinking she was dead.

In her video, Aquino disclosed being diagnosed with multiple autoimmune syndrome.

The misleading FB post’s content also did not support its headline. Instead, it featured a narrator reading the entirety of a June 24 report from the tabloid Inquirer Bandera about Aquino’s medical treatment in Houston, Texas.

The circulating video falsely claimed that the update was from June 29.

Rafy Tulfo In Action Supporter’s video got a total of 5,500 reactions, 651 comments, and 491,000 views on Facebook.

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