VERA FILES FACT CHECK: This video is from a Hollywood film, NOT Hong Kong

Facebook page Master Youtube falsely claimed a Hollywood movie clip is actual footage of the rampage of Typhoon Mangkhut in Hong Kong.

The post, uploaded Sept. 16, carried a 9-second video without audio showing at least three passenger planes on an airport being blown away by powerful gusts of wind. It was captioned:

Seriously? This happened in hongkong airport. #Mangkhut
© Renno Apallah Apallah

The video is actually a clip from the 2014 Warner Bros. film “Into the Storm,” which is about “storm trackers, thrill-seekers and everyday townspeople” documenting an “unprecedented onslaught of tornadoes in the town of Silverton.”

Typhoon Mangkhut, locally named Ompong, hit Hong Kong on Sept. 16 after making landfall in the Philippines the day before. It has been tagged so far “the world’s strongest storm in 2018.”

The video has been viewed more than 150,000 times on the false Facebook post.

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