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VERA FILES YEARENDER: Duterte’s curses and insults

IT’S NO longer shocking as it was months before when news of President Rodrigo Duterte taking a swipe at yet another world leader breaks out. The president of the Philippines, who manages to spew an average of 20 cuss words in one speech, spares no one – not the Pope, nor the president of the world’s most powerful country, journalists, human rights advocates, women, people with disabilities, not even the dead.

Timing, too, doesn’t matter. Even in his most crucial speeches, he has segued into launching expletives against political foes, or just anyone who tries to get in his way, calling them names in between long, repetitious, and seemingly directionless ramblings. Some people find it offensive, while some think it’s funny.

VERA Files compiled just a few of the ever-growing list of insults by President Rodrigo Duterte against key figures and institutions in 2016, and we only started in April. Read on.