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ARMM Watch: Sulu

FOLLOWING are links to articles VERA Files had  written on the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM)  Elections in the province of Sulu.  VERA Files is reposting these stories in preparation for the scheduled general registration of voters in the provinces of ARMM on July 9 to July 18, 2012. 

Sulu holds generally peaceful polls; fistfights replace gunfights • May 17, 2010

ZAMBOANGA CITY.—With two incidents of armed harassment and zero incident of armed fight, election day was generally peaceful in Sulu, according to the Commission on Elections and the Western Mindanao Command of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

The Provincial Joint Security Control Center (JSCC) composed of the AFP and the Philippine National Police and chaired by the Comelec, reported that an armed partisan group opened fire at civilians with small arms and mortar shells in barangay Tulay, in the town of Panglima Estino. No casualties were reported in the incident, which authorities said was only meant to harass voters. A company of Scout Rangers pursued the perpetrators. »Read More

Peaceful elections in Sulu • May 13, 2010

JOLO, Sulu.—With only two incidents of armed harassment and zero incidents of armed fighting, election day was generally peaceful in the province of Sulu, officials said.

The two cases of armed harassment happened in the towns of Panglima Estino and Lugus on election day but no one was reported hurt.

In Barangay Tulay in Panglima Estino, members of a partisan armed group open fired at civilians using small arms and mortar shells, according to the Provincial Joint Security Control Center (JSCC). A company of Scout Rangers pursued the perpetrators.

In the Lugus case, Commission on Election supervisor Vidzfar Julie characterized the incident as “public partisan armed harassment” that was meant to disenfranchise voters. »Read More

Sulu gun culture hinders drive vs poll violence • May 9, 2010

JOLO, Sulu.—In the evening of April 26, the barangay captain of Lahi Village in Pandami town, Hadji Isa Sitin, and his son ventured into neighboring barangay Parian Dakula to post campaign materials of the mayoral candidate they were supporting.

Seeing the two inside his domain, Parian Dakula barangay captain Kitoh Aidani, 30, opened fire at them. Father and son were not hit but instinctively retaliated. The incident resulted, in police parlance, in “1KIA and 2WIA,” or one “killed in action” and two “wounded in action.”

“Aidani was killed when Sitin and his son returned fire,” said Army Maj. Bhen Sabbaha, deputy commander of the military’s Task Force Comet 17. Sali Darul and Aidani’s son, who were not named in the report, were wounded. »Read More