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Je Suis Charlie

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Je Suis Charlie, notification on Charlie Hebdo website after the deadly attack.
Je Suis Charlie, notification on Charlie Hebdo website after the deadly attack.


THERE is no justification for the ruthless assault on Charlie Hebdo magazine office in Paris killing at least 12 persons, including journalists.

The killing once again underscores the danger of those whose beliefs do not respect diversity and freedom of expression. As the National Union of Journalists in the Philippines said, “We acknowledge that there have been and will continue to be debates about the role journalistic responsibility – or lack of it – factors into such attacks on the freedom of the press. But while we acknowledge the indispensability of ethics in the profession, we also maintain that no mode of expression, however offensive or unethical it may be, deserves a death sentence.”

Amid the reprehensible violence, it is heartwarming how the whole world is rising and standing together to face head-on the terrorists. Journalists all over the world are proclaiming “Je suis Charlie” (“I am Charlie) in solidarity with the victims of this latest terror attack.

(Basic information about Charlie Hebdo: It is the name of a weekly magazine in French that specializes on satire.

(There is no person named Charlie Hebdo. Information gathered online said the name Charlie is from the Charlie Brown, one of the main characters in the American comic strip “Peanuts.” Hebdo is short for the French word “hebdomadaire” which means weekly.)

As we condemn the attack on Charlie Hebdo, we have to deal with continuing assault against Filipino journalists.

NUJP reported that Nerlita Ledesma, 48, Bataan correspondent of the tabloid, Abante, was murdered around 8:05 yesterday morning.

Mhike Cigaral of Bataan station DZXL and CLTV 36, and vice-chairman of the NUJP provincial chapter, said Ledesma was gunned down by a still unidentified assailant in Barangay Tuyo, San Rafael, Tagnai in Bataan. The suspect was wearing sunglasses, a bonnet and a jacket, and was riding a black and white motorcycle.

If proven to be work related, Ledesma’s killing brings the number of slain journalists to 172 since the fall of the dictatorship in 1986 and 31 under President Benigno Aquino III.​


Pamsy Tioseco
Pamsy Tioseco

Journalists are not the most lovable people in the world but there is one person I know who cares a lot about journalists.

Considered the dean of Senate Public Relations Officers, Pamsy L.Teosico, has come out with a book, “Laughing and Loving in the Philippine Senate.”

The book, which is actually her memoir as PRO to five Philippine senators, gives readers a glimpse of happenings in the Senate behind controversial investigations and tedious sessions.

More than being an efficient PRO to senators, Pamsy used her Senate network to help cancer victims asking for financial assistance from senators.

A cancer survivor, Pamsy is active in ICan Serve, an organization of cancer survivors.

In 2012, Pamsy suffered and survived a multiple stroke which necessitated her resigning from her Senate chores. To celebrate her healing, Pamsy has been making Mother Mary necklaces, Padre Pio medals and Angel charms.

“Laughing and Loving In The Philippine Senate”will be launched on January 16, 2015 Friday at The Forum 4th Floor, Fully Booked 5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Makati at 3:30pm.