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VERA FILES FACT CHECK: 2018 post tagging 9 leftist groups as ‘party lists’ for 2022 polls MISLEADING


A misleading post from 2018 that warned readers against voting for 14 “party lists” that are “anti-government” is making the rounds on Facebook (FB) once again.

FB page Filipino Opinión posted a photo of 14 “party lists” with the caption, “BABALA SA MGA BOTANTE HUWAG KAYONG BUMOTO KAHIT ISA NITONG MGA PARTY LIST NA KONTRA GOBYERNO,, SAYANG ANG BUWIS NATIN TAONG BAYAN.” (Warning to voters: Don’t vote for a single one of these party lists that are anti-government. The country’s tax money will go to waste.)

The post identified the following party lists and groups:

  • Kabataan Partylist
  • Bayan Muna
  • Migrante Partylist
  • Kalikasan Partylist
  • Courage Partylist
  • Anakpawis Partylist
  • ACT Teachers Partylist
  • Katribu Partylist
  • GABRIELA Women’s Party
  • League of Filipino Students
  • Makabayang Koalisyon ng Mamamayan (MAKABAYAN)
  • Kilusang Mayo Uno
  • Anakbayan
  • Kadamay

Other than being dated, this post misleads because only five groups on the list are in the Commission on Elections’ official list of party list contenders in the May 9 polls. They are: Kabataan Partylist, Bayan Muna, Anakpawis, ACT Teachers Partylist, and GABRIELA Women’s Party.

Migrante Partylist, Kalikasan Partylist, Courage Partylist and Katribu Partylist are not on the official ballot for the 2022 party list race. 

Meanwhile, Makabayan, League of Filipino Students, Kilusang Mayo Uno, Anakbayan, and Kadamay are not even party list groups. Makabayan is a coalition of various partylists and Left-leaning groups. The League of Filipino Students and Anakbayan are both progressive youth groups. Kilusang Mayo Uno is a labor organization, while Kadamay is an urban poor alliance.

VERA Files Fact Check debunked this misleading graphic in 2019. 

The misleading post was revived two weeks before the 2022 national and local elections. It has so far garnered over 9,800 reactions and 89,000 shares. FB page Filipino Opinión was created in June 2018 and has 17,395 followers as yet.

This misleading graphic was recently posted on four other FB pages, according to social media monitoring tool Crowdtangle.

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