VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Marcos begging to be guest speaker in graduation rites a SATIRE


A satire posted on Facebook (FB) made netizens believe that President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. “pleaded” with state universities and colleges (SUCs) to invite him as the keynote speaker in their commencement ceremonies.

On July 16, satirical FB page Cebu Dairy News (created on July 28, 2021) published a graphic with the superimposed text: “PRES. MARCOS JR. PLEADS SUCS TO INVITE HIM AS KEYNOTE GUEST SPEAKER FOR GRADUATION RITES”

The post quoted Press Secretary Trixie Cruz-Angeles as saying Marcos has “aspired to be an honorable guest speaker” in a college graduation ceremony since his political career started three decades ago. 

Cebu Dairy News, which imitates the legitimate news organization Cebu Daily News, has put a disclaimer in its About section stating that it was “made to either ridicule or make fun out of everything [they] deem as satirical worthy.”

Neither Marcos nor Cruz-Angeles has made a remark in any press release, official document or interview about the president wanting to be invited as a commencement speaker in any state university or college.

While some in the comments section asked for proof, many netizens took the post at face value, ridiculing the president for his “uninspiring” educational background as a college dropout.

The satirical post appeared after former Vice President Leni Robredo was invited by two universities and a high school as a keynote speaker in their graduation ceremonies. One took place in June, another just this month and the third is scheduled for late August.

The satirical piece has since garnered more than 17,000 reactions, 2,300 comments and 2,900 shares.

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