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VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Senate NOT abolishing K-12 program

A video on YouTube is erroneously claiming that the Senate has passed an “immediate order” to remove the K to 12 education system.

Feb 16, 2023

VERA Files


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A video on YouTube is erroneously claiming that the Senate has passed an “immediate order” to remove the K to 12 education system. This has been debunked several times.

On Feb. 9, a YouTube channel published a video that bore the false headline: “KAKAPASOK LANG GRABE! RAFFY TULFO NILUSOB ang DEPED, K-12 PROGRAM ni PNOY TANG-GAL AGAD (JUST IN: [Sen.] Raffy Tulfo charged into DepEd, late President Benigno Aquino III’s] K-12 program immediately removed)”

Showing the faces of Vice President and Education Secretary Sara Duterte, Tulfo and protesters against the K-12 program, the video thumbnail text read: “TANGGAL NA K-12 PROGRAM, BIGLAANG UTOS SA SENADO (K-12 program removed in an immediate order from the Senate”)”

There are no resolutions passed nor filed in either the Senate or the House of Representatives to abolish the education program. Neither did Tulfo show up unannounced at the Department of Education (DepEd). There are no legitimate news reports related to this. 

In an attempt to prove its claim, the video played a June 2022 clip of Tulfo applauding Duterte’s decision to revise – not abolish – the K to 12 curriculum.

During this year’s Basic Education Report, Duterte announced that the DepEd will revise the K to 12 program. “We will revise the K to 12 Curriculum to make them more responsive to our aspiration as a nation, to develop lifelong learners who are imbued with 21st-century skills, discipline, and patriotism,” she said.

VERA Files has debunked a similar claim early this month. (Read DepEd to revise, NOT abolish K to 12)

This clickbait video emerged two days after the House of Representatives passed a bill introducing a “ladderized approach” in the K-12 curriculum, to “ensure mastery of knowledge and skills” after each grade level.

YouTube channel PINAS NEWS INSIDER (created on Dec. 26, 2015) published the video, garnering over 337,000 views and 10,300 interactions. At least five Facebook groups and pages shared the video, potentially reaching more than 150,000 users, according to social media monitoring tool CrowdTangle.

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