VERA FILES FACT CHECK: More BOGUS ads on Lung Cleaner Tritydo circulate


A product called Lung Cleaner Tritydo is being falsely advertised again on Facebook (FB) despite being debunked before over bogus claims that it could treat asthma, pneumonia, and bronchitis.

This time posted by nine FB pages, all posts claimed the product could treat a variety of respiratory diseases in one to two weeks and that it has earned safety certification from reputable agencies. Not true.

Lung Cleaner Tritydo — or “Bổ phổi Tritydo” in other posts — has no proven capability to manage asthma or treat bronchitis, pneumonia, COVID-19, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Nor has it been scientifically found to successfully prevent lung cancer or treat dry cough and sore throat, fluid buildup in the lungs, a collapsed lung, or shortness of breath

It is not a registered food supplement or drug product at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Neither does the product have an International Standard Organization (ISO) 9001 certificate – contrary to the claim – which is given only to organizations whose products and services consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements.

All the bogus videos featured advertisers who wore lab coats and claimed to be physicians. The fake ads offered a 50% to 70% discount for the first 99, 180, or 599 people to order. 

The videos’ captions featured some red flags of fraudulent health claims, as enumerated by the Department of Health:  

  • The product is advertised as a quick and effective cure-all for a wide range of illnesses;
  • The word “all natural without side effects” is used; and
  • Some of the ads carried a money-back guarantee promise. 

Among the FB pages that posted the bogus videos were Lung Tritydo Philippines (created on Aug. 19, 2022), Tritydo – Protect Your Lungs (created on Oct. 13, 2022), Dr Mark (Cagayan) (created on Jan. 24, 2023), and No.1 Lung Support Product In The Philippines – Approved By FDA (created on Feb. 4, 2022). Eight out of the nine FB pages had Vietnamese administrators.

All nine posts, which appeared from Jan. 4 to Feb. 6, garnered a total of 16.5 million interactions. The videos appeared after state media reported that the Lung Center of the Philippines received higher funding this 2023.

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