Lost and Found

Pantar, Lanao Del Norte – Home-based internally displaced persons put signs in front of their houses so people can find them. More than a hundred days since the Marawi siege, and with competition for relief supplies becoming more intense, IDPs need to make sure they get their share from vehicles carrying items that will help them survive in the weeks to come.

The Go Signal

Mindanao State University, Marawi – Houses are spray-painted with the words “clear AFP,” a sign that they have already been inspected. To the home owner, these words could mean: “it's safe to go back home.”

Body Talk

Pagalamatan, Bumbaran, Lanao Del Sur – In the process of rebuilding, the physical body needs to be addressed as well. A volunteer for Creating Sinag Within, an initiative led by the Kids for Peace Foundation, pairs with a young IDP during a session on body talk, a therapeutic intervention that allows them to tap into their body's inner healing resources.

Little Lady Beeswax

Saguiaran, Lanao Del Sur – Beeswax, when warm enough, can be molded into different forms. A young IDP proudly shows what she sculpted from the beeswax given to her by a Creating Sinag Within volunteer. “This is her bed, my hand is her bed so she can sleep well,” she proudly says.

Tricycle Wisdom

Saguiaran, Lanao Del Sur – An IDP cleans his tricycle before the daily grind. While organizations now and then come to deliver relief goods, some IDPs still prefer to find jobs so they can feed their families.

Inflatable Origami

Saguiaran, Lanao Del Sur – Origami helps children forget about the hustle and bustle of the evacuation center. They focus on folding the paper until they reach the last part of the process. More often than not, older children take upon themselves to assist the younger children and other IDPs who are struggling with origami.

Clean Spaces are Healing Spaces

Saguiaran, Lanao Del Sur – A child does his part in tidying up the evacuation center so it becomes a healing space. After all, cleaning is a crucial element in rebuilding the lives of the people.


Saguiaran, Lanao Del Sur – A crocheted ball moves around the circle during a session on healing education facilitated by CSW volunteers. The objective of the activity is to let the crocheted ball move around the circle without falling. In this activity, the young IDPs learn how to work with a team.

Moving in Circles

Saguiaran, Lanao Del Sur – Circles are powerful healing shapes. Young IDPs and CSW volunteers form a circle before and after each activity so they can all see that they are part of a community. The circle is also a great reminder that they are never alone in their journey.

Lights Will Guide You Home

Mindanao State University, Marawi City – Dark streets are once again coming back to life, thanks to lights from business establishments nearby.

PHOTOS: Marawi after the war

More than a month since Marawi was declared “liberated” from the Maute group, how are its residents faring?

In two missions in different sites in Lanao del Norte and Lanao del Sur, nonprofit Kids for Peace through an initiative called "Creating Sinag Within," gathered young volunteers and survivors, aiming to empower them with therapeutic activities.

Here are photos.

(Iya Agbon is the founder and director of the Kids for Peace Foundation.)


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