Metro Manila’s river network overflows

Text and video by LUIS LIWANAG

A non-stop downpour in Metro Manila and surrounding provinces has caused Metro Manila’s river network to overflow, submerging communities like this one in Barangay Roxas in Quezon City.

The bridge connecting Roxas with St. Luke’s Hospital and E.Rodriguez practically disappeared as the river rose and flooded an estimated 150 houses. Residents said the area, including a long stretch of E. Rodriguez is also submerged. Water had risen neck-deep in some parts.

Some of the residents were evacuated to a nearby covered court as temporary evacuation center.

Residents and village officials said the last time they remember the water levels rising this high was during typhoon Ondoy in September 2009. Further down the creek, the water was rising to almost street level along Quezon Avenue, a main thoroughfare of Quezon City.

The rain has been falling in torrents since last night, prompting government to call off classes in all levels, public and private schools, and work in both private and public offices.