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Scenes from a Water Festival

By VERA Files

IT’S the feast of St John the Baptist, and in his honor, Filipinos brought out their water canons, guns and hoses. In Cavite City, they called it a water festival and christened it Regada.  

The Regada has been an annual event for some years now, with the name derived from the Spanish verb regar, which means “to water.”

The water came in trickles and showers, and not a few brought along some soap and thought they might as well have a bath. 

It was a damp day but there was a lot of merrymaking. Makeshift stages housed a variety of bands and singers, whike along the streets, groups drank water, though the intoxicating kind.

It was all clean fun and those who ventured out into the streets expected to be drenched, with no hard feelings.