VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Crowd DID NOT chant Marcos’ name at Robredo’s proclamation rally


Several Facebook (FB) accounts and TikTok users are circulating a clip of Vice President and presidential candidate Leni Robredo at her Feb. 8 proclamation rally asking the crowd to cease chanting. The social media accounts claim people were shouting remarks in support of rival candidate, former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

This is false.

Versions of the clip that circulated online bore captions or in-video text graphics bearing the phrases “Marcos pa rin (Still Marcos)!” or “Marcos kami (We’re for Marcos)!”

But in the 15-second clip people were actually chanting the campaign slogan “Ipasok si Dick (Let Dick in)!” referring to Sen. Richard “Dick” Gordon, whom Robredo introduced as part of her senatorial slate.

She later jokingly reprimanded her supporters after their repeated chants. People could be heard laughing after Robredo said, “Awat na, huwag kayo magpasaway (Stop now, don’t be unruly).”

Nine readers requested VERA Files Fact Check to verify the circulating false video.

One clip was published by FB page Mr.Ram Tv on Feb. 9 which, at the chanting part of the clip, added text overlays that read: “Marcos pa rin.” It also carried this spurious text graphic: “Lenlen Proclamation marcos Ang Sigaw ([At Leni’s] proclamation, the call was for Marcos)!”

Another netizen grabbed a snippet from Rappler’s live stream of the event and published it with the untrue caption: “People shouting ‘Marcos kami‘Marcos Ini’ (We’re with Marcos) at Leni Robredo’s proclamation campaign in her own homecourt.”

Several TikTok users also uploaded copies of the short clip and the false claim that attendees chanted pro-Marcos slogans.

The false clips surfaced on Feb. 9, a day after Robredo, her running mate Sen. Francis Pangilinan and members of their senatorial slate kicked off their campaign in her hometown Naga City in Camarines Sur. The event was streamed live on Robredo’s official FB page.

Mr.Ram Tv and the netizen’s post has over 23,000 views. It has also garnered more than 1,200 reactions, 347 comments and 580 shares.

The following TikTok users also shared the untrue claim: @tsareiteecharity, @.mayenniesi, @bongbong_sara2022 and @victormillanmabalotjr. Their videos have collectively garnered more than 1.17 million views and over 73,600 interactions.

The clips were reuploaded by the following FB pages: C o u r t e o u s (created July 3, 2020), SWORD TV Philippines Broadcasting (Nov. 8, 2018), Kamay Na Bakal PH (Jan. 3, 2019), BBM Visayas (Oct. 15, 2021) and DU30 MEDIA Network (June 9, 2016). Their posts have been viewed more than 74,600 times in total, and received over 13,300 reactions, 5,590 comments and 51,600 shares.


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