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VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Doctors Willie, Liza Ong NOT promoting unlicensed arthritis cream

Several Facebook pages posted ads featuring doctors Willie and Liza Ong, for a cream called Perfectx that allegedly cures a wide range of orthopedic disorders. These are scams.

May 19, 2023

VERA Files


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Several Facebook (FB) pages posted advertisements featuring doctors Willie Ong and Liza Ramoso-Ong, for a cream that allegedly cures a wide range of orthopedic disorders. These are fake.

Posted as early as April 17, the fake advertisements carried photos of the couple and other doctors who supposedly endorsed the product: Perfectx Joint and Bone Therapy Cream

These posts lead netizens to websites claiming that the product treats “premature degeneration,” joint pain and rheumatoid arthritis among others. They also offer netizens discounts and “special gifts” and ask for their personal information to avail of the product. 

According to the Food and Drug Administration’s verification portal, Perfectx does not have a certificate of product registration (CPR). 

The CPR is granted by the FDA for high-risk products like drugs, food and pesticide that have complied with quality, safety and efficacy standards. 

Not doctor, DOH-recommended

The fake ads misled netizens with photos of Ong and Ramoso-Ong grabbed from online sources. In an April 18 FB post, Ong reminded the public that they endorse only a milk product for seniors, and to rely on their official social media accounts.

Some websites also show a statement in Filipino attributed to Ong explaining how a study of his “demonstrated the positive effects of Perfectx on bone diseases.” This is a sham. Other websites attributed the same “expert’s statements” — in English — to other doctors like Kilimanjaro Tiwaquen and Michael Kazim.

The Department of Health’s logo was also illicitly used in one of the websites. The DOH has not promoted the product.

Fabricated certificate 

The websites involved in the scam carried an altered certificate of registration. The certificate with Data Universal Numbering System Number 21-635-0233 belongs to Origin Packaging Limited, a United Kingdom-based pharmaceutical packaging company. The word “Packaging” was changed into “Perfectx” and the year “2020” to “2023” to fool netizens. 

Note: Click on the photo to view its original source.

VERA Files Fact Check has debunked a number of other fake ads promoting unregistered products. (Read: Liza Ong is NOT endorsing an unregistered vaginal perfume)

FB pages like PerfectX – Japan’s No.1 Intensive Osteoarthritis Cream (created on May 5, 2023), Japan’s No.1 Osteoarthritis treatment cream (created on Sept. 28, 2022 as Foot Massage Mat EMS Genuine No.1 Japaness) and Doc Willie Ong (created on May 5, 2022 as Jena Elain) circulated the fake advertisements collectively garnering 16,413 reactions, 11, 937 comments and 1477 shares. 

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