VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Liza Ong is NOT endorsing an unregistered vaginal perfume


Several impostor Facebook (FB) pages are using doctor Liza Ramoso-Ong as an endorser of an “intimate perfume” that allegedly cures gynecological infections and odor. These advertisements are fake. 

This vaginal perfume, Vitoria, is not on the Food and Drug Administration’s list of cosmetic products with Certificates of Product Notification. It is not listed as a registered cosmetic manufacturer, trader or distributor either.

On May 9, the impostor FB page Doctor Lizza R.ongg – Health Tips claimed that Ramoso-Ong advised the public to use Vitoria’s perfume which allegedly has “antibacterial” and “anti-inflammatory” properties and treats gynecological infections. 

The caption also bore a link to a website where netizens were promised discounts and asked to provide personal information so they can avail themselves of the perfume. It also attached photos supposedly showing Ong with a patient and another influencer with the product. 

Note: Click on the photos to view their original source.

The photo of a medical worker with a patient does not show Ramoso-Ong. Copies of the same image were used in Vietnamese blogs discussing gynecological examination as early as Jan. 8

A vlogger’s 2022 photo was also altered to make it look like she is holding the product. 

The product’s site also shows an edited certificate. According to the Institute of Global Certification’s portal, certificate number 20-A-2575 belongs to NeoCL, a Korean company that produces chlorine dioxide, and not to Vitoria, as the post claimed. 

Other impostor pages used Ramoso-Ong’s clips from her old vlogs on smelly vaginal discharge, placing them between the perfume’s promotional videos to further mislead netizens.

Some pages carried digitally manipulated images of Ramoso-Ong as well. 

Doc Willie Ong, Liza’s husband, reiterated on April 18, that they only endorse a milk product for seniors and that other ads using their names are fraudulent. Doc Willie also reminded the public to follow only their official social media channels

Last month, VERA Files Fact Check debunked fake ads for an intimate wash from impostor pages posing as Ramoso-Ong. (Read Doctors Willie Ong, Liza Ramoso-Ong NOT endorsing unregistered intimate wash)

The post by impostor FB page Doctor Lizza R.ongg – Health Tips (created on May 9, 2023) garnered more than 1 million views according to FB. Other bogus pages that posted similar fake ads include D.O.C LIZZA – ONG (created on May 31, 2021 as Walaypassword111111111), Dr. Liza ong – Health Tips (May 8, 2023), Dr. Kilimanguruu Daily (created on March 24, 2023 as Vinn FPV Daily Stories) and Doktor. LIZZA ONG – Health Tips (created on Aug. 21, 2022 as 75252).

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