VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Duterte on SC's role in martial law

President Rodrigo Duterte has been vacillating on his stand about the Supreme Court’s role in the martial law declaration, from saying he won’t listen to the high court at all to recognizing that the justices have a say on its validity.

His latest, on June 17, was to reiterate he would heed the order of the Supreme Court but warned that “if anything goes wrong,” he’d be forced to declare martial law again and this time he would no longer listen to anybody and his martial law would be “a copycat of Marcos.”

Watch his flip-flops on the issue:

Voting 11-3-1, the Supreme Court on July 4 upheld the validity of Proclamation 216 that placed Mindanao under martial law.

On July 22, two days before the president’s second State of the Nation Address, the Senate and the House of Representatives, meeting jointly, voted 261-18 to extend martial law in Mindanao for five more months, until Dec. 31.

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VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Duterte changes tune on SC’s role in martial law

President Duterte changes tune on the Supreme Court’s role in martial law.

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