VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Imee did NOT say Bongbong is a ‘drug addict’

Imee Marcos has exposed Ferdinand Marcos Jr. for being a drug addict.

YouTube channel BANAT KAPANIG TV 2024-01-30 False

Imee has not made any recent public statement linking Bongbong to illegal drugs. The senator even distanced herself from Rodrigo Duterte’s drug accusations against his brother.

A YouTube video is claiming that Sen. Imee Marcos has exposed President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. for his alleged drug addiction. This is a clickbait. The senator never made such a statement against her brother. 

Uploaded on Jan. 30, two days after former president Rodrigo Duterte accused President Marcos of using illegal drugs, the video bore the following text in its thumbnail:

OMG BINULABOG ANG ADIK. IMEE NILAGLAG ANG KAPATID TINURO ADIK PALA (Oh my god! Disturbed the addict. Imee dropped his sibling, pointed out as an addict).”

Its headline also carried a text that read:

KAPAPASOK LANG: LAGOT PEDIA BINULABOG na IMEE NILAGLAG Ang Kapatid/DU30 IBINUNYAG ÀDÍK/TAMBA! BUKING. (Just in: Oh no PDEA disturbed. Imee dropped her sibling/Duterte revealed an addict/Tamba! Exposed).” 

It is not true that Sen. Imee Marcos exposed President Bongbong Marcos supposedly for using illegal drugs.

No such statement came from the senator who also distanced herself from former president Rodrigo Duterte’s drug accusations against her brother.

Imee has not made any public statement linking the president to illegal drugs. In fact, the senator even distanced herself from Duterte’s drug accusations against her brother. She said in a Jan. 30 interview:

Naku hindi ako kasali doon. Bahala na sila doon, kayang kaya na nila ‘yun. Nakakaloka, ‘yun lang ang masasabi ko. (Oh no, I’m not involved there. Let them be, they can handle that themselves. It’s crazy, that’s all I can say).”


Source: YouTube channel, “Sen. Imee says Baste already issued apology for ‘Marcos resign’ statement,” Jan. 30, 2024

The video did not show any proof to back its claim but is merely a clickbait that played a commentary from a previously fact-checked vlogger about Duterte’s tirades against the president and the Bagong Pilipinas launch on Jan. 28. 

VERA Files Fact Check previously found that Duterte’s accusation of Marcos being in Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency’s narco-list is baseless.

Uploaded by YouTube channels BANAT KAPANIG TV and WANGBUDISS TV, the video has garnered a total of 27,245 interactions. Facebook users also reposted the links.

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