VERA FILES FACT CHECK: National Security Adviser Clarita Carlos NOT fired

A video circulating online carried a false headline that National Security Adviser Clarita Carlos “clapped back” at President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, which resulted in her being removed from the post.

The July 17 video by Facebook (FB) page Philippines Training New bore the clickbait title: “KAKAPASOK LANG NA BALITA Prof. CLARITA CARLOS SINAGOT SI Pres MARCOS. CLARITA CARLOS SIBAK NA_ OMG (Breaking news: Prof. Clarita Carlos answered President Marcos, Clarita Carlos now fired_Oh my gosh).”

Carlos remains the national security adviser. There are no news reports or official announcements from the president saying otherwise. 

The content used in this false video was a thirteen-minute excerpt from a two-and-a-half-hour episode of SMNI’s Usaping Bayan program aired on July 11. In it, hosts Mike Abe and Jade Calabroso asked Carlos about her insights on red-tagging and communism and her management of the National Security Council.

The erroneous video by the FB page (created on July 11) received over 1.02 million interactions. As of publishing, its original version posted by YouTube channel BBM SARA UPDATES (June 12, 2021) got over 72,000 views.

Both clips were uploaded on July 17, two days after Carlos — also the vice-chairperson of National Task Force to End Local and Armed Communist Conflict — said the task force “strongly recommends” offering amnesty to communist rebels and that Marcos Jr. has the “final say” on the fate of peace talks with communist rebels.

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