VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Post about Raoul Manuel’s arrest and Sandro Marcos’ outburst FALSE


A Facebook (FB) video carried a title saying Ilocos Norte 1st District Rep. Ferdinand Alexander “Sandro” Marcos had burst into anger, and that Kabataan Party-list Rep. Raoul Manuel will be sent to jail. This is a clickbait as the content doesn’t support the claim.

It is another false post about Manuel’s supposed arrest after he condemned the killing of Lapid and another journalist under the current administration. (Read: VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Kabataan Partylist Rep. Raoul Manuel NOT jailed)

The video posted by FB page Lindon TV on Oct. 12 had this headline: “Sandro Marcos Sumabog sa GALIT, Raoul Manuel Ipapakulong na (Sandro Marcos burst into anger, Raoul Manuel to be jailed).”

This is not true. There is no arrest order against Manuel. Nor is there any recent report on the presidential son flaring up.

VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Post about Raoul Manuel’s arrest and Sandro Marcos’ outburst FALSE

The video with the clickbait headline showed a three-minute clip from an Oct. 7 SMNI news report about pastor Apollo Quiboloy calling for the arrest of Manuel after the latter lambasted President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos during a protest.

Most of the video’s content and script came from an Oct. 11 vlog posted by YouTube channel BANAT NEWS TV. The vlog’s in-video text read:

Raoul di naka porma sa galing ni Sandro | FPRRD at Amerika humanga kay Sandro (Raoul [Manuel] unable to counter Sandro [Marcos]’s brilliance | [Former president Rodrigo Roa Duterte] and America impressed by Sandro)”

BANAT NEWS TV’s video was about a call to abolish the party-list system to which Manuel belongs, while praising the Ilocos Norte representative.

Manuel, for his part, called out Quiboloy for what he called “fake news” regarding claims that he deserved to be jailed.

“If you find any photo, video or link containing malicious content about yours truly or Kabataan Partylist, please send them to the official email of our office (not to me because your message might get drowned in my inbox),” Manuel posted in his FB account on Oct. 13.

Lindon TV’s video got over 660,800 interactions, while BANAT NEWS TV’s video garnered more than 144,741 interactions. Both videos appeared a week after Manuel criticized the president over the death of broadcast journalist Percy Lapid.


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