VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Video of woman eating sausage with human flesh NEEDS CONTEXT

Needs context

A video allegedly showing a woman consuming a sausage containing human flesh is currently circulating among Filipinos on Facebook (FB) and TikTok. It was a prank, yet many netizens took it seriously.

Saang bansa to?! Bibili ng mga taong namatay na tapos kakataying at gawing ****** (From what country is this? They’ll buy dead people to butcher and turn into ******),” the video’s in-text caption read. 

The video needs context. Its original version, which came from an episode of American prank show Fameless, was uploaded to YouTube channel truTV on Aug. 10, 2015. 

Fameless, which aired from 2015 to 2017, pranks unsuspecting individuals by placing them in absurd and ridiculous scenarios created by improvisation actors.

In the viral clip, a woman is shown eating a sausage. A chef then asks the woman to guess which secret ingredient was in the sausage she ate: fish liver, human flesh, or shark. As part of the joke, he states that the sausage is made from the human flesh of dead people. 

The clip omitted a scene where the show’s host reveals that it’s all part of a prank. After the reveal, the woman said she was about to cry. 

TikTok user jimal588 first posted the video without proper context last Dec. 10. Another TikTok user chiervyy then reuploaded the clip 12 days later and added the Filipino caption. The two posts got a combined total of 22.61 million interactions. 

Three FB users reposted chiervyy’s video this January, gaining over 21,701 interactions. Several Filipinos falsely believed that the woman actually ate human flesh, but many others pointed out it was a prank. 

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