#AnoRaw: DOJ spokesperson’s claim on ICC jurisdiction needs context

Needs context

Lawyer Mico Clavano, spokesman of the Department of Justice (DOJ), claimed that the International Criminal Court (ICC) should no longer investigate in the Philippines because the country has ceased to be a state party to the Rome Statute that established the Netherlands-based tribunal.

He added that the government’s refusal to allow the ICC to investigate the drug-related killings during a specific period under the previous administration is an “issue of sovereignty.” This needs context.

Similar claims on ICC’s jurisdiction from Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin “Boying” Remulla have been previously fact checked by VERA Files.

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During the Saturday News Forum held at Dapo Restaurant and Bar in Quezon City on Jan. 28, Clavano said:

“There’s no question that we do not submit to the jurisdiction dahil hindi na po tayo miyembro ng ICC (because we’re no longer a member of ICC).”


Source: Camilo Belleza Millendez, SATURDAY NEWS FORUM AT DAPO RESTO, QUEZON CITY – JAN. 28, 2023, watch from 11:15 to 11:20

When asked about the DOJ’s reaction to statements of human rights advocates who are questioning the government’s position on the matter, Clavano said:

“I think they’re missing the point in determining kung ano talagang isyu dito (the real issue here). And the issue is sovereignty. The issue is protecting our independence as a country. We’ve gone so far, ‘no, in obtaining our independence way back and protecting that and making ourselves a civilized country. That’s the real point here. We want to protect our processes. We want to protect our government. We want to protect our countrymen.”


Source: watch from 12:33 to 13:02


According to Article 127, paragraph 2 of the Rome Statute, a country that has withdrawn is not cleared of its obligations for incidents that happened during its membership. It is part of the Philippines’ exercise of its sovereignty when it acceded to the Rome Statute in November 2011, hence binding the country to the treaty provisions from that date until its withdrawal on Mar. 16, 2019.

Infographic on #AnoRaw: DOJ spokesperson’s claim on ICC jurisdiction needs context

In September 2021, the ICC Pre-Trial Chamber authorized the launch of an investigation into alleged crimes against humanity that occurred in the Duterte administration’s war on drugs. However, this was temporarily suspended in November 2021, after the Philippine government asked the ICC to defer to local procedures.

In June 2022, ICC Prosecutor Karim Khan requested the ICC Pre-Trial Chamber I to allow a resumption of the probe due to the alleged failure of the government to conduct an adequate investigation. Last Jan. 26, the chamber granted this request.


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