VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Video title that says Duterte criticized Marcos MISLEADING


A vlogger posted a video with a title falsely insinuating that former president Rodrigo Duterte criticized President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos’ performance in his first year in office.

The video, uploaded June 25 on Facebook (FB) page and YouTube channel Don Mar TV, carried this title:

PBBM na-SHOCK! Jusko! Pres. Duterte binanatan si Pres. Bongbong Marcos (President Bongbong Marcos was shocked! My God! [Former] president Duterte criticized President Bongbong Marcos)!”

This is misleading. In an ambush interview published the same day, which the video also carried, Duterte noted that Marcos’ first year in office was satisfactory.

SAY WHAT: A video falsely insinuated in its title that ex-president Rodrigo Duterte criticized his successor, Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos. In an ambush interview just days ago, Duterte actually said that Marcos’ first year as president was “good.”

“Good. Well, the governance, walang gulo (there’s no conflict), we are at peace almost, and I [give] credit to the present administration. Kung ano yung nangyayari sa panahon niya, nakikita natin, very good (On what’s happening during his term, we see, it’s very good,” reports by SMNI and News 5 quoted the former president as saying.

Asked what advice he would give Marcos, Duterte said, “Continue the good work.”

The vlogger, who used the SMNI footage in his video, commented that reporters were expecting the ex-chief executive to belittle Marcos and his administration.

Duterte, on Nov. 18, 2021, called Marcos a “weak leader” He said that the then-presidential candidate was incapable of handling a crisis.  (READ: VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Duterte walks back on declaring Marcos Jr. a ‘capable’ successor)

Don Mar TV’s FB video got 143,800 total interactions, while the YouTube version garnered  32,300 interactions. These videos appeared a day after Duterte attended a June 24 reunion with his allies and former cabinet members.


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