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VERA Files Fact Check tracks the false claims, flip-flops, misleading statements of public officials and figures, and debunks them with factual evidence. It also fights misinformation and disinformation spread on the internet. This project is supported by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). VERA Files is also part of Facebook’s third-party fact-checking program.

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VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Duterte wrong to claim martial law and national emergency are the same

They're not.

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This fake report trended on social media this…

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President Rodrigo Duterte in a 27-minute speech at…

​VERA FILES FACT CHECK: ICC case vs Duterte NOT 'thrown out'

This story is fake. Don't believe it.

​VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Pentagon to bomb man-made islands in South China Sea FAKE NEWS

This story is fake. Don't believe it.